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The Teatro Colón comprises the architectural environment that conforms Plaza San Martin, the second most important one in the city of Lima.  When the theatre was inaugurated in 1914, it was located in front of the place Zela, that later was destroyed to give birth to the current San Martin square.  Currently the Teatro Colón is located between Jirón de La Union Avenue and Quilca Street; its façade is in front of San Martin square, condition that had made it witness of various and important social, cultural and political events all along the Peruvian republican history in last century.

Towards the fifteenth century, the passage Quilca was already route of the Peruvian “chasquis” in the route Pombamarca - Lima, section that the Indians realised for their food supply labours.

The first proprietary of the land where the theatre is currently located was Mr. Jose Manuel Alejo de Hurtado towards 1861.  Later the property goes through several hands, until it was sold by Don Francisco de Oliva to the “Empresa de Teatros y Cinemas Ltda” in 1911.  That year, the French arquitect Mr. Claude Sahut, was in charged of the project to design and build up the Colon Theatre.