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Main Building
The facades of the theatre towards the Plaza San Martín are eclectic; the vain arcs from the main entrance are decorated with a mixture of moldings and plastery that do not correspond to a defined style.  In the second and third level of the front, there are galleries as glazer lodges.

The original cupola from the Sahut project that finished the circular into-corner shape of the main entrance, was replaced with the intervention of Mr. Garland by an ambience surrounded by arcs and crowned by pierced parapet, similar to the ones in the rest of the building.

Inside the theatre hall, the changes introduced in the thirties, with the aim of making flexible the usage of the theatre, had been drastic as they eliminated the theatre boxes in the first and second floor, and reduced the scenario’s length; these changes totally altered the original typology of the theatre.

The eclectic decoration of the hall, gives the theatre an ambience of pleasant proportions that somehow reflects the avatars and history of the theatre in Lima, that deserve to be preserved and rescued.

This area of the building – specifically the theatre – has been structured based on columns and constructed compound beams with steel profiles in "L" , united by welded and laminated profiles.   The walls are made up of noble material.


Dressing Room Building
The walls of this building have been constructed with looms of wood and plaster, using the similar technology to the one of “quincha”, where the cane has been replaced by tables of small section.  The building has four floors, and its height was smoothly lower than the one of the main building.

Currently the roof of the fourth floor has collapsed, being preserved the Oregon pine floors, part of the railings of the light wells, the stairs and the basic loom propped up and leaning on the neighbour’s wall.